Our Solutions

In order to upgrade the service level for the fastest growing and heavily under-monetized qualified investors, private wealth managers can rely on our leading edge “Phoenix” wealth advisory platform to deliver customized solutions. Phoenix, a sophisticated investment toolset, strategy, and product lifecycle management engine, was developed by utilizing advanced investment theory and technology. Our proprietary client profiling tool enables our clients to understand their customer profiles in order to develop individualized asset allocation plans. When an advisor develops a goal-based wealth plan, Phoenix’s multi-asset class capability can efficiently optimize domestic and global asset allocations with consideration of traditional and alternative asset classes.


Investment Consulting

With the Phoenix digital wealth advisory platform, Sycamore creates a private wealth management ecosystem. Its experienced product and investment advisory team can help the family offices in developing asset allocation strategies and implementation plan. We also help our clients manage the investment lifecycle especially in the more complex cross-border investment by leveraging the offerings from many kinds of service providers on the platform.


Wealth Advisory Platform

Sycamore strives to align the interests of private wealth managers with their customers, improve service efficiency through its proprietary digital wealth advisory platform to empower small/mid size wealth management companies, asset management companies and family offices by efficiently designing and implementing the customized wealth management solutions for their clients.

Sycamore’s comprehensive wealth diagnosis can automatically aggregate scattered wealth data, generate comprehensive wealth reports, and answer wealth management related questions. We apply many advanced techniques such as behavioral finance, big data, and AI in the customer surveys and large numbers of client behavior information to create our unique client profiling tool. The standardized client profile specification allows our wealth managers to scale their business by efficiently processing large amounts of client data. Precise client profiling is the foundation of our customized wealth solutions.
Customer wealth solutions include asset allocation plans, investment strategies, investment amounts and liquidity management based on customer profiles. Phoenix not only provides the wealth solutions from Sycamore, but also from many external parties objectively evaluated and approved by the platform. These solutions are professionally classified, evaluated, and are readily available for the private wealth managers to service their clients.


In order for the wealth managers to help their clients to realize the asset allocation plan, Phoenix offers many domestic and overseas products with professional evaluations and tool sets for their own analysis. These products include mutual funds and hedge funds, PE, REITs, structured notes, trust products, model portfolios etc. The tool sets include product evaluation system, performance attribution, portfolio construction and optimization, backtesting etc. With the trust on the platform, wealth managers can select the asset managers for collaboration. 


While using Phoenix, wealth managers can help their clients with investment operations, which include product subscription and redemption, position and risk monitoring, and more intelligent communication with clients. The platform also automatically monitors asset managers style drifts and generates proper alerts. The rebalance tool also makes it easier to rebalance clients’ portfolios more effectively.


Wealth managers can find a rich set of investment management tools on Phoenix platform to navigate their customer’s risk profiles and asset allocation plans and monitor the drifts from the wealth targets. The aggregated investment reporting tool consolidates investment reports from various sources and creates a clear picture of the investment for more intuitively communication with their clients.

Cross-border Investment

As the 2nd largest economy in the world and fastest growing, China’s market is attracting strong demand from foreign investors. The inclusion of China in MSCI and government scrapping quota restrictions on inbound investment schemes QFII and RQFII further stimulates the demands for inbound investment. China’s inefficient market brings tremendous alpha opportunities for sophisticated overseas investment managers. The demands from Chinese investors for global asset allocations have been increasing due to the need for diversifying risks from declining returns on domestic assets and weakening RMB. 

However, there are many obstacles and challenges in the cross-border investment: high operational cost of WFOE, conflict of culture and investment philosophy in JV, unfamiliarity with the local financial market etc., all impose major risks for the foreign manager to invest directly in Chinese markets; domestic investors are still hesitant about investing the overseas products due to their complexity and lower yields.

At Sycamore, we provide innovative solutions for cross-border investment by enabling foreign investors to access the best fund managers in China and addressing the challenges of the product setup hurdle.


FOF Management

By utilizing the leading financial technology and quantitative asset allocation methodology, Sycamore Asset Management, a subsidiary of Sycamore Investment Services registered with AMAC with investment track record since 2017, strives to develop the first class hedge fund selection and FOF platform. Such platform enables the company to offer customized multi-region, multi-asset, multi-strategy fund solutions to service the China and overseas qualified investors to achieve long-term risk adjusted returns. Our comparative advantages include strong capabilities in fund selection, asset allocation and excess return generation, which are all based on our scientific research framework and special network for accessing high quality hedge funds. Sycamore Asset Management currently manages two hedge fund products which are all on track with their investment targets.